Price list Taxi

At start 1,30€ The taxi accept card payments (POS)
Rate per km. inside city limits-p.l. Νο1 0,74€
Rate per km. outside city limits-p.l. Νο2 1,30€
Radio taxi:Simple call or appointment 0,00€ to 6,20€
Waiting time per hour 11,90€
To airports – from airports 2,85€
From sea ports & interstate bus station 1,18€
Night tarif from 24:00 to 05:00(p.l. Νο2) 1,30€
Baggage offer 10 kgs each 0,43€
Minimum charge 3,72€
The consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt-invoice)



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