Price list Taxi

Our Radio Taxi, with all due respect to our customers, informs you that the TELEPHONE CALL amounts to 2 € and the pre-arranged appointments to 3 € extra charge. We ask for your understanding
during the summer months when there is an increase in calls. We assure you that our call centers, together with our
drivers, are willing to do the best for you.
Thank you for your support and patience and we wish you a GREAT SUMMER.


At start 1,30€ The taxi accept card payments (POS)
Rate per km. inside city limits-p.l. Νο1 0,74€
Rate per km. outside city limits-p.l. Νο2 1,30€
Radio taxi:Simple call or appointment 0,00€ to 6,20€
Waiting time per hour 11,90€
To airports – from airports 2,85€
From sea ports & interstate bus station 1,18€
Night tarif from 24:00 to 05:00(p.l. Νο2) 1,30€
Baggage offer 10 kgs each 0,43€
Minimum charge 3,72€
The consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt-invoice)