Therisos Gorge and Historical Village

Therisos Gorge  is located near the city of Chania. The main gorge is 6 Km long! The vertical cliffs are impressive and the lush vegetation has nothing to envy of the other Chania Gorges. Therisos deserves a visit, cobined with a visit in the historical  beautiful village of Therissos, that is built at the foothill of the White Mountains at an altitude of 580 meters, just 16 Km from the city of Chania. A visit here is something that will remain unforgettable to every visitor,at Theriso you will find lots of  restaurants (taverns) they serve original cretan dishes local meat and cheese!
Dont miss an excursion to Theriso,and for the Geocaching fun 3 caches are waiting here  for you to discover!

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